Pictures of realized  projects- It will be very useful, if you share your finished and tested Silverwing project as well as the propeller you use. The goal is to provide useful information to the community.So if you want to share pictures and information, please send e-mail.

Honda 600 silverwing paratrike with short reducion by Valentin Dimitrov from Bulgaria

Honda 600 silverwing airboat by Linas from Lithuania

Honda 600 silverwing project by Christian from Romania


Honda 600 silverwing project by Sebahattin Çetin from Turkey.

Reduction 3.35 -  helix-propeller  H40F  1,60m L-M-07-3

engine rpm 8000 static thrust about 135 kg.








Honda 600 silverwing project by Erdogan Sansli from Turkey

Reduction 3.35








Honda 600 silverwing project by me :) .

Reduction 2.58 -  e-props NG-D  1,50m  3-blades

engine rpm 7850 static thrust about 135 kg.

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