Selecting the Correct Wing

If you do not know how to choose the correct paraglider, it is best to seek advice from trike pilots who do not sell equipment, but have been involved in powered paratrike flights for at least a few years and have flown no fewer than two different paragliders. What you can find on the Internet on the topic can be very misleading. Choosing the right wing is extremely important because it is your guardian angel.

You should know that not all tandem paragliders are suitable for flying with paratrike . There are many free flight paragliders which, when loaded close to their upper weight range or beyond it, start to experience Dutch Roll – continuous rolling left to right which you have to compensate for constantly.


Free flight paragliders, because of the specific manner in which they fly, are constructed to turn into the thermals on their own and that is a disadvantage during powered flights. It can get pretty frustrating when you want to fly straight but have to make constant adjustments just to keep the paratrike from oscillating.

Most of the wings designed purely for powered flight are less efficient (low gliding ratio) and when the ppgtrike is underpowered you may end up better off using a  free flight paraglider with high gliding ratio than a wing designed for powered flight.

Experience proves that the combination of an underpowered paratrike and a large wing is not always optimal either because if power is not sufficient, the ppgtrike will not be able to pull the paraglider well at start process . In such cases taking off with a smaller wing is easier. You will ultimately need a longer runway, but in general take-offs are more successful.

Of course, these are just a few of the aspects you need to consider, there is also speed, trimmer types, wing profile (reflex or normal) and many more.

Choose your paraglider carefully and make sure you have identified your priorities clearly. Whether it is safety, easy start, speed, carrying capacity, or maneuverability, you must know exactly what you are looking for and what is most important to you.  There is no one paraglider that offers all of that without some trade-offs. Ultimately it all comes down to your own flight experience and style.




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